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            1. ABOUT US

              group profile

              The first flight group was founded in 2007, "the first flight dream, China Chi made; China dream, the dream of the blue sky" for the vision, uphold the "pragmatic, innovative, honest, win-win" business philosophy, the Group business has covered automotive electronics, Car networking system, new energy vehicle charging system, photovoltaic power generation, trade, industrial park and hotel investment and other fields. Since the founding of the Group adhere to the "based in Shenzhen, deep plowing the country, for the global" development strategy, in Henan Xinyang established 90 acres of the first voyage industrial park, the provinces and cities in the country established a dozen branches in Hong Kong, Australia, Europe Established offices and branches. Products through the Chinese CCC, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany, and other multi-national system certification, the products sold at home and abroad more than a dozen country.

              Company Profile

              Shenzhen Maiden Communications Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with the core business of car networking and electric vehicle. It has the standard of automotive TS16949 system certification, providing customers with efficient, intelligent and reliable electric vehicle overall solution, product service global. 2014 to start the transformation and upgrading, we are committed to the field of electric vehicles to become China's "Bosch", through continuous innovation and continuous improvement, help electric car industry development, so travel more green!

              First flight culture

              ■ pragmatic - to provide professional solutions for the industry segment market

              ■ innovation - small innovation, big change

              ■ integrity - honest and foolhard, keep its promise, words and deeds consistent, the same table

              ■ win-win situation - mutual benefit and common development